I have been painting for about five years. I drew a lot, yet, but when I began to paint I found a real freedom. I first tried with oil and watercolors, but now acrylic gives me a lot of pleasure because of its infinite possibilities.

I never copy and I don't paint from real things , persons or lanscapes. I'm not interested by reality when I 'm painting.
I'm inspired by dreaming, imaginary and meditation. I like very much the contact between the dream and the reality during the work of creation.
The constraints that I stand out feed my work.

My paintings are situated between the abstraction and the suggested figuration.

I like very much to work with colours and shades. At the beggining I sometimes have an idea, but rapidely the inconscious begin to drive.
I very fond of proportions, colours and I try to get something harmonious and beautiful on my opinion.
Painting produces particularly pictures going farther than the only representation.

A paintig is the expression of a part of livfe from which a special space begin to exist, and I try to create a singular work.

Perhaps, it's possible to not